The name is Elizabeth Grace Sgambelluri, but I prefer to be called Lizzy. Simply put: I live off of water and sunshine. I am a girl of many interests with an unquenchable curiosity, nag for adventuring, and neverending desire to learn new things.

I am a senior at Moravian College, where my time is spent juggling the responsibilities associated with an Environmental Science major, and a dual minor in Biology and Music (concentration: voice). It keeps me busy haha!

Since I was a child, my life has been centered around three of my greatest passions: music, nature, and art.

I express my thoughts and feelings through my music, and I sing for those willing to listen. Singing since age 4, taught myself guitar 3 summers ago. Play electr and acoustic guitar, ukulele, mandolin, charango, and harmonica. Currrently I am in the process of building a banjo out of a cookie tin. Pursuing a dream to one day be signed, I write and record my own music, which comprises my solo project titled Letterbox Sparrow.

Nature has always represented a sanctuary to me; my safehaven, escape. My place of solitude where I can reconnect with myself and life surrounding me. There is no pressure of commitment, no materialism, only freedom. In nature I hear music and I find peace.

My love for the environment and animals has taken me to various locations around the world. In Africa, I worked at a Lion Sanctuary where I conducted behavioral studies with lion cubs. In Equador, I assisted in an experimental study centralized on anti herbivore defense mechanisms utilized by nonmyrmecophytic Cecropia spp; predominantly Cecropia sciadophyllia (if you did not understand one word of that it is perfectly fine I do not expec you to!). 2013 will begin in Botswana, South Africa for me where I will be conducting population counts to measure the relative health of biodiversity/species diversity in that region. Upon graduation I hope to obtain a masters degree in ecology. I further intend to return Africa, as well as work in Colorado, to conduct research and work centered on large mammal conservation and rehibilitation of large predator species.

Since this summer, I have joined the Celiac bandwagon. This, coupled with numerous other health problems, have taken a huge toll on my body and have acted as tremendous hurdles in my life. But I believe we are never given trials we cannot handle, and every storm bears a silver lining. In light of the negatives, having Celiac disease has allowed me to learn the art of cooking; something I was N E V E R good at!

Additionally, I am extremely fond of art. More drawing than painting. I often recieve requests for tattoo designs, portraits, and various means of artwork.

On my tumblr you will find personal writings, random thoughts that cross my wandering mind, and accounts of my adventures. Additionally, you will find a smorgasbord of my music, artwork, and recipes. :) Peace, love happiness <3


The picture definitely says it all! :)

The picture definitely says it all! :)

Performing at Brentfest 5.0!! Had an amazing time and the crowd was fantastic!

Performing at Brentfest 5.0!! Had an amazing time and the crowd was fantastic!

LIVE PERFORMANCE at Brentfest 5.0 - Arms (Christina Perri cover)

I was asked to sing at Brentfest up in Liberty, NY a month ago. I sang this song as part of my second set. Give it a listen please and let me know what you think :)

Hey there, Mr. Blue Sky :)

Currently doing what I enjoy most: songwriting. I have music for 5 new pieces, and lyrics for 2 of them. I feel like it has been a while since I have written music…work has kept me very busy lately. I’m checking out another studio soon in the week, called Sweetcreek Studios. I am very excited. A couple weeks ago I was asked to perform at a music camp for some kids. The director thought I would be a big inspiration for them :) and the kids were all adorable. Someone covered one of my songs, Surrender to Love actually. Which is awesome! :) aaaannnnddd I think that is all for now.

Heartbreak Warfare (mentally working out life’s tests)

I’m so done with everything right now. I feel like everyone uses me as a doormat or something, and just walk all over me. They say whatever they want to me because they know that no matter how badly they hurt me, I will still be there when they fall. well, what are they going to do when I draw the line? When I’m sick and tired of this bullshit and call it quits? What are they going to do when I walk out? honestly, I am tired of being the bigger person. People are always hurting me left to right, and I have had enough. I am sick of biting the bullet and bearing the burn. Because it is doing nothing but making me sink further. I get blamed for the stupidest shit out of jealous eyes, because I have something they know they never will achieve. And in the end, I am the one that gets hurt, and literally bears the scars. it’s a never ending cycle. God made me strong with a purpose, though, and through heartbreak warfare I WILL stay strong and hold my head high. even if it is fake, I will keep my chin up. Life is too precious to leave this easily, too rich to be tossed at a collapse such as this. I have made it this far, I know I can make it all the way. Watch me, when the storm is upon us and my world crashes down around me, I will still be standing. Bruised, hurt, wounded…but still standing.

Silence, bearly breathing……

It is currently 3:16 AM, Eastern standard time. I can’t sleep, I’m missing him and too excited because it is now my birthday. So I am sitting here writing music. My nest song ideas are usually born from these early morning wake ups. I have two going at the moment, the one song I think could be reaallly good :)

I was asked by a guy that I record with to perform in his summer camp…he thinks that I woukd really help inspire a bunch of the younger musicians that’ll be there. I love the idea, and I want to do it so badly. I just hope my schedual allows it. I have to continue working on my music set for Brentfest. Super nervous for that one.

Git ‘er donnee

Music is frying my brain, but I love it haha. I am currently working on getting my music set together for Brentfest on the 30th. I have like 5 songs so far, need like 5 more. It will work, it always does.

Two musicians are paying me to record with them, which is awesome I am super excited. I recently was featured in another artist’s song on vocals AND to my suprise, guitar as well. I’m also being paid to rerecord one of the first songs I ever wrote, with an orchestra playing. SWEET! I’m psyched!

Started writing two new songs today after work. one is on acoustic and the other is on the ukulele. :) That’s all for noww

Newest song, hoping to take it back into the studio soon and put some harmonies in it. This is just a rough version of what is hopefully soon to come.

This is the song that I have been working on for about a month now, it’s still definitly a work in progress. It is about the guy that I am now seeing, who has already had a huge impact on my life. enjoy :)

we are chemical kids….

My gosh it’s been so long since I have posted anything!!! I have so much to update. My life has really taken an amazing turn in the love department as one would say. Unfortunately I can’t go into detail with that, that’s for another time :) Things with my music are really starting to take off which is fantastic! My music was played on the radio, and a bass player heard it and really liked my voice. So now he is featuring me for vocals in one of his songs! Soooo awesome, so happy. I just wrote a song today, that’s a record for me. Wrote and came up with an entire melody and accompainment in one day. I’ll be heading into the studio on Saturday. I’m gonna record that new song, called Captive, and my song Surrender to Love. Also recording with the bass player on Saturday, too! So it will be an ubber exciting day. I think that’s pretty much everything for now. :) I’m gonna go sit outside and play guitar, and watch the sunset behind the mountains